Using Existing Pole Locations for Outdoor (Direct) LED Tennis Lighting

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Tennis Court Direct Lit Sports Lighting LED Standards

Direct tennis court LED Lighting can be a challenge with pole placements meant for legacy technologies such as Metal Halide, High Pressure Sodium, and Induction lighting technologies.  

The layouts for these technologies were designed to accommodate the limitations of their light distribution with no regard to how the pole placements impacted the players and the sport of tennis. 

Therefore, when it comes to converting existing legacy pole layouts, SES Lighting is able to overcome these obstacles with the ability of LED Optical refraction lenses to “throw” the light where we want it, and achieve superior results in light uniformity. 


Tennis LED Conversion Utilizing Existing Pole Locations

With Outdoor LED Tennis Lighting, we can overcome the distraction of existing and traditional lighting layouts for the player on the surface. 

 It must be noted that traditional layouts were designed to place the fixtures on extremely long mounting arms to extend the light fixture as close as possible to the inbound court lines.  Your facility most likely was constructed with one of these types of layouts.

We eliminate the mounting arms and mount the fixtures on top of the pole further away from the players reducing the glare of the fixtures along with optics that control where the light is distributed.


Engineered Optics & Fixture Aiming For LED Tennis Fixtures

Since we are dealing with a completely different technology with LED lighting, we are able to precisely aim the light to different areas of the court surface. 

There are 20 different LED lens optics our lighting engineers utilize for the variety of legacy pole placements to distribute light precisely and evenly.  Creative "cross court" aiming techniques are utilized when courts are grouped together in pairs to completely eliminate glare when players are tending to lob shots or service shots.

We are able to do this by using different beam angles and light distribution, depending on the height of the light pole. 

“New Paradigm” for LED Direct Lighting - New Pole locations


Pole Placement On The Perimeter Of Courts Does Not Disturb Court Surface And Fixture Positions Will Not Cause Glare In Players Eyes

The 2015 Sports Builders Construction Manual does not address LED Sports Lighting Fixture Pole Placement.  The reason is that there has been no industry standard to address correct pole placement.

When it comes to new pole placements or new facility construction, we are able to position the light fixtures to accommodate the players of the sport, since there is no limitation of how we can direct and distribute the light.

SES Lighting has developed LED Direct Lit Fixture placement to benefit the sport of tennis.  No longer do poles have to be positioned between the baseline and net to achieve USTA lighting and uniformity.

With new court construction, we are able to achieve excellent results by positioning the fixtures at the net and corners of the facility! 

We have the ability to utilize higher poles because of the powerful light output of LED Sports Lighting Fixtures.

Now, finally, the light fixtures accommodate the sport of tennis rather than the sport of tennis accommodating the light fixture!  And the icing on the cake is that we do not have to have as many poles, which increase the construction costs of a new tennis court project.

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