Indoor (Indirect) Tennis LED Lighting

Retrofitting Indoor Fixtures To Tennis LED Sports Lighting Fixtures - SES Lighting Removes The Risks And Provides Successful Outcomes


Many "down the street" contractors make many mistakes when recommending light fixtures for sports facilities.  They often will recommend replacing legacy fixtures with LED fixtures in their same location above and all around the playing area for Tennis.  The same deficiencies the legacy fixtures had outdoors carry forward indoors.  Simply put, the legacy fixtures were placed to overcome their substandard light output, with no consideration for the sport they were illuminating.  

SES Lighting knows the sport of tennis, what kind of shots are most commonly played and where not to place light fixtures.  Our common-sense approach tailors the lighting to the sport, not the sport to the lighting.  

Finding the right LED lighting solution for every lighting application for your facility  presents an incredible challenge. The right products are not easily found in typical purchasing channels and  most electrical contractors so not specialize in tennis sports lighting.  We have seen many contractors specifying high output high-bay fixtures for tennis court lighting projects that are not appropriate for this specialized, sports lighting application.

Since most indoor facilities have long run times for lighting, the utility and maintenance savings are significant enough to warrant a reasonable payback period in most cases.  Along with finding the right LED solutions comes lighting control systems.  Wireless lighting control solutions must not be considered an option but part of the system that significantly reduce utility expenses and pro-long the life of your sports lighting fixtures.

Indirect LED Sports Lighting Design


Light distribution with LED Technology is very important in designing the right lighting layout to maximize the light coming back down from the ceiling.  

With over 20 different optical lenses to distribute LED lighting, this is an important factor our lighting engineers take into account for your facility.  To evenly saturate the ceiling and create optimal light uniformity, distribution of the light must be precise.  We have found using a combination of the optical lensing can maximize light uniformity and provide even light saturation on the ceiling which translates to even light saturation on the court surface.

Because we are not looking out for the manufacturer's interest, we use independent lighting engineers to come up with a design that meets your USTA lighting objective  and in most cases, reduce the existing fixture count and placement that put fixtures in the  players view for a majority of shots.

"Cheap Is Expensive"


Many manufacturer's who do not operate as an "Owner's Representative" look for the easiest road possible when recommending a LED conversion.  Typically, they recommend replacing metal halide indirect fixtures with LED fixtures in their same locations.  Their goal is to sell you more fixtures than you really need at a lower lumen output and provide you the same poor uniformity as you had with metal halide. 

Indoor facilities need fixtures that top 100,000 lumens and designed for sports lighting with a variety of optics.  Many manufactures recommend turning a flat  high-bay fixture upside-down to achieve brightness and fail to realize that balls will collect on the fixture over time and present facility operators maintenance head-aches.   

The fact is, that there are only a few true, indirect fixtures on the market that have the ability to evenly saturate a ceiling, have 100,000+ lumens in brightness and a track record in the industry.

Converting Existing In-Direct Facilities To In-Direct Lit Sports Lighting LED Technology



As the old saying goes, “If you don’t know where you are going, every road will take you there!”  

 Especially with existing facilities, the first, logical step is to have SES Lighting take certified USTA light meter readings at your facility to determine your USTA classification.  This will help determine if other factors are affecting your light quality such as building trusses, HVAC equipment and the reflectance of your ceiling and wall materials.  

Each indoor facility, especially bubbles, have a variety of fixture mounting methods - hanging from bubble to mounting arms and poles.  

Without certified light meter readings, you will be approaching your project with blinders on. Our independent lighting designer and engineer will evaluate these intricacies and design the best system.

Converting Existing Direct Lit Indoor Facilities to In-Direct Lit Sports Lighting LED Technology



Conversion from a direct lighting system to and indirect system can be more challenging for your facility than you may think.  The traditional bank of fluorescent light fixtures between courts was “state of the art” 20-30 years ago.  Simply retrofitting the fluorescent tubes in an option, but not a very good one.  In fact, it will increase the glare for your players and cause complaints.

In most cases, your building will already have white ceiling material that will lend itself to converting to indirect LED lighting.  

When addressing your conversion, LED technology will allow fixtures to be placed between the courts and not in direct view of players.  The mounting height of the fixtures is important to ensure players across the court do not see the fixture directly.

Sports Lighting LED Conversion Demands Project Management Team To Coordinate Multiple Contractors



With all the moving parts in converting your facility-lighting design, rebate administration, hiring of installation team (HVAC and Electrical Contractors), communications, photometric analysis, and warranty service, SES Lighting handles this complex process on your behalf.   The logistics can be complicated, but the SES Team has processes designed for a successful outcome with your conversion.

So many conversions to in-direct lighting go wrong because of the lack of attention to details.  Facility owner's and operators are often pitched a conversion directly from a manufacturer's representative that do not have a clear understanding of the complexities of HVAC relocation and other obstacles that will interrupt the proper distribution of light. 

The Installation Process Must Be Organized, Efficient & Managed


Keeping the project on-time and on-budget is what distinguishes SES Lighting Projects.

 This comes from performing the due diligence before the project commences!  Another important part of maximizing the successful outcome is the arduous task of rebate administration.  This requires pre-authorization, site visits with the utility company before, during and after the project is complete.

Communications are key for your tennis court LED lighting conversion project.  Since SES Lighting acts as "Owners Representative", you will have pre-construction meetings, progress meetings, and project close-out communications.  

We take the entire process seriously and manage it from start to finish. tennis led lighting Indoor (Indirect) Tennis LED Lighting

Our Certified "Systems With Integrity" Solution® Guarantees A Successful Outcome!


The funnest part of our job at SES Lighting is taking light meter readings after your tennis court indirect LED lighting conversion is complete.   

The purpose is two-fold: 

  1. To make sure that the correct brightness and uniformity is achieved; and for you to have the correct data to communicate with your tennis players.  
  2. This information “certifies” your new USTA Class of lighting and can be used to distinguish your facility from the rest of the field.

Utilizing a professional sports lighting company like SES Lighting is paramount in finding the right solution, professionally administering the rebate applications, procuring the right products, installing them correctly and servicing warranty issues.

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