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SES Lighting's Latest Tennis led lighting Video

Check Out This Short and Amazing Video of SES Lighting's Successful Conversions of Tennis Facilities All Across the Country to Direct and In-direct LED Sports Lighting Systems That Meet USTA Certified Class I-IV Standards!

Make Your Facility Competitive Now with led sports lighting!

LED Sports Lighting and Lighting Control Systems Can:

SES Lighting Achieves Class IV Lighting at Marin Country Club with Tennis LED Lighting Technology

  • Elevate lighting levels for tennis LED lighting and all types of sports lighting.
  • More evenly saturate lighting. throughout the playing surface
  • Save up to 50% off lighting costs.
  • Tennis LED Lighting and Lighting Control Systems are a way to give your facility a world class tennis experience.

Most private club sports facilities do not have evenly saturated light quality because they are using legacy technologies such as metal halide or other high-intensity discharge products to illuminate their sports surfaces.

Converting your tennis court lighting with LED technology will dramatically improve the playing experience.  The brightness, uniformity, and color rendering LED lighting provides is superior to legacy technologies. 

SES Lighting's Latest Testimonial

California Tennis Club picked SES Lighting for LED Tennis Lighting Conversion

“I highly recommend SES Lighting I first met Nelson Scott at the CMAA World Conference in 2015 at a time when LED court lighting was still in its infancy. 

 I presented Nelson and SES Lighting with a challenge.  We have a 3 pole layout on either side and between each court, except there are no poles at the ends between two of our courts.   The lighting results exceeded our expectations and we went on in the following months to install lighting on the remaining 5 courts.  

SES Lighting worked with our facilities manager throughout the installation and diligently provided us with detailed light readings and follow-up.  Our court lighting is outstanding, with all courts exceeding initial projections. My members are thrilled!  ” 

Tim Odenweller, General Manager, California Tennis Club

Your Representative - Every Step of the Way

The SES Certified Process guarantees your Tennis LED Lighting Project will have a successful outcome

Since SES Lighting operates as an “Owners Representative,” our SES Certified Lighting Consultants work independently from manufacturers of sports lighting products. Therefore, we are objectively able to evaluate the performance of the products in relation to the facility needs. 

Therefore, we are objectively able to evaluate the performance of the products in relation to the facility needs.  

Whether direct or indirect sports lighting, the key component required is to provide a detailed before and after photometric analysis. In many cases, such as Tennis sports lighting, we are able to achieve Class I – III lighting levels in accordance with the USTA and Sports Builder Association Standards. The defining difference is the SES Certified Lighting Solution® which guarantees your project to have a successful outcome.

SES Innovates Wireless Lighting Controls Satisfying All Types of Players



Lighting Control Systems can tailor brightness for players of all abilities and customize their Tennis Lighting experience. These parameters allow the players to track ball flight and make the sport more enjoyable and competitive.

Many older players, those with sensitive eyes, and those that have had recent surgery do not acclimate properly to the brightness of LED Sports Lighting.  SES Lighting has innovated an affordable approach in customizing lighting levels to satisfy your players.  The system can be "pre-programmed" by your staff or the players can "manually" adjust the lighting levels on their court. 

This option would provide many benefits for the players and your staff. Control the brightness of the fixtures appropriate for the level of player and activity thru "Scenes".

SES Introduces the LumenSPORT® Tennis LED Sports Lighting Fixture


SES Lighting Introduces the LumenSPORT® modular sports lighting fixture.  

The first ever modular sports lighting fixture for any pole height or layout.  Lumens range between From 62,000 - 125,000 lumens  using 20 different optical lenses, there is no better fixture to achieve USTA Class I-IV Lighting.  DLC Premium listed, 10 year warranty, 70-90 CRI, 3000-5000k.  

The In-direct model is even more impressive ranging between  112,000 - 225,000 lumens  using 9 different optical lenses, there is no better fixture to achieve USTA Class I-IV Lighting.   DLC Premium listed, 10 year warranty, 70-90 CRI, 3000-5000k.  This model allows you to reduce your fixture count in your conversion and keep fixtures out of view for your players. 

Both the Direct and In-Direct models are fully dimmable for your lighting control system needs. 

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